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What To Expect and FAQ

  • What insurance is accepted?
    Accepted forms of payment at the time services are completed are: Cash HealthShare --ie Samaritan Ministries Health Savings Accounts
  • How do I schedule my first appointment?
    Its easy! I am a small business with individualized service and the only physical therapist. When you call 719-357-7244 you with speak with me directly and we will determine if you are a good fit for continued services.
  • What should I bring to my first appointment?
    1. Please wear or bring comfortable, loose clothing in order to expose the problem area. I have shorts and gowns available for your convience if you choose that option. 2. Please bring any appropriate medication needed during physical activity, ie inhaler if you have exercised induced asthma, a snack if you have hypoglycemia, etc. I also have water but you are free to bring your own water bottle. 3. Please bring any appropriate medical records to include results of Xray, MRI, etc 4. PT orders if you have them 5. Complete and bring the PT patient intake form found on this website under Patient Forms.
  • What should I wear to my appointments?
    Keep mind that you will need to expose the area of injury or will be guided through an individual exercise program. You can either wear or bring loose fitting clothing that would be appropriate for exercise. I have shorts, shirts and gowns which are available for use as needed.
  • What should I expect during my first visit?
    Your first visit is for an evaluation and treatment.The evaluation will begin by a discussion of the area of your main complaint as well as any pertinent medical history. It will be followed by a hands on evaluation of your specific area of complaint. This will include location of painful structures, testing of joint motions, muscle strength testing , functional activity assessment--walking, bending, squatting, etc and other appropriate testing as needed based on the findings. The treatment will consist of a variety of modalites to reduce pain, improve strength/motion, and increase functional movement. A customized program will be designed for your specific problem and goals. I offer a variety of modalities, which include but are not limited to, a custom exercise program, dry needling, cupping, decompression therapy, joint and soft tissue mobilization/manipulation, electrical stimulation and other thermal modalities. Be prepared for a 90-120 minute first session depending on the complexity of your problem. A follow on appointment will be scheduled at the end of your first session so bring your calendar, whether is is on your phone or in a book. Each session after the inital session should take 45-60 minutes.
  • Where do I park?
    There is a large parking lot right in front of the building. Parking is free. The parking lot and building are handicapped accessible.
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